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                    Viewing the Mystery of Cosmos and Cleaning the Dust of Soul —— Liu Zijian Ink Wash Exhibition

                    学术主持 | 皮道坚

                    Academic Chair | Pi Daojian

                    策展人| 贾廷峰

                    Curator | Jia Tingfeng

                    展览时间 | 2019年05月18日 — 06月18日

                    Duration |? 18th May. 2019 — 18th June. 2019

                    开幕酒会 | 2019年05月18日(周六)15:30

                    Opening reception | 15:30,18th May. 2019

                    展览地点 | 太和艺术空间

                    Exhibition Venue | Taihe Art Gallery

                    地址 | 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路798艺术区2号院B10

                    Add | 2 Jiuxianqiao Rd B10 Beijing 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang, Beijing, China, 100096?

                    Email | info@taiheart.com

                    Website | taiheart.com


                    伟丽 Grand beauty

                    宣纸水墨 Chinese ink on rice Paper 97 x 398 cm? 2019





                    婉娈之五 A sense of elegance V

                    宣纸水墨 Chinese ink on rice Paper 68 x 136 cm 2017




                    婉娈之六 A sense of elegance VI

                    宣纸水墨 Chinese ink on rice Paper 68 x 136 cm 2017

                    Viewing the Mystery of Cosmos and Cleaning the Dust of Soul

                    By Pi Daojian

                    As one of the main initiators of the “Experimental Ink and Wash” Movement, Liu Zijian is an artist who used to focus on both the artistic practices and theoretical debate in the 1990s, and still insists on the original intention of the “Experimental Ink and Wash” Movement and sticks to the field of plane painting with ink wash as the media material. He once said that he would pay attention to and express the theme of “disastrous consequences caused by the high development of material progress in the modern society” with “oriental wisdom” through “the form of ink wash”. From the ink figurative painting named “Black Space” created in 1992, to the series of “Bright Celestial Images” created in 2007 and the series of “Misty Clouds and Soft Sunset” created in 2011, Liu Zijian’s continuous attention and expression in the past 20 years enabled us to witness the spiritual image production process of a contemporary ink and wash artist.


                    云构之一 Cloud structure I

                    宣纸水墨 Chinese ink on rice Paper 97x180cm 2019

                    The academic theme of this exhibition “Xuan Lan · Di Chen” originates from the evolution of artistic style and the sublimation of spiritual connotation of Liu Zijian’s new works after 2011. “Xuan Lan” originates from “touring around all corners of the world and viewing the mystery of cosmos” (Li Sao), which is a way of aesthetic contemplation from the ancient Chu culture. It also refers to the rich and profound connotations and vast and wide perspectives of the artist, and the contemporary ink language paradigm from “Being extremely mysterious and abstruse, nature is the door of all secrets” (Lao Tzu).? “Di Chen” is the aesthetic appeal of Liu Zijian. It is the contemporary version of the aesthetic classic exposition of “observing the truth of nature with a clear and pure mind” in the traditional Chinese landscape painting, and also the contemporary ink demonstration of the aesthetic ideal of detachment. Liu Zijian’s strict requirement for the visual generation of easel painting as well as the experiment, construction and perfection of the new ink language, are vividly reflected in his new works. His early form of ink and wash painting has evolved into mysterious celestial images full of rhythm of life, centering on the firmament which we amaze and awe.?

                    Taihe Art Gallery has always been committed to the dissemination and promotion of outstanding contemporary ink art, and this exhibition is one of the important projects of Taihe Space for the academic presentation of contemporary ink art.?


                    若锦之二 Just as brocade II

                    宣纸水墨 Chinese ink on rice Paper 68 x 68 cm 2011


                    诡丽之三 Fantastic Gorgeous III

                    宣纸水墨 Chinese ink on rice Paper 68 x 68 cm 2018

                    ?|关于艺术家 |


                    艺术家刘子建 Artist Liu Zijian



                    Liu Zijian was born in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, in 1956. He graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 1983, majored in Chinese ink painting. He is currently a professor at Fine Arts Department of Shenzhen University; also he is the vice president of China New Ink Painting Institute, researcher of Urban Ink Art Research Institute of Chinese National Academy of Painting, Director of Guangdong Chinese Painting Society and the Contractual Artist of Shenzhen Painting Academy.

                    A representative figure among the Chinese experimental ink painters, Liu created his abstract ink painting since 1980s. His art practice and theoretical research played a positive role in the process of modernization of Chinese ink painting. His art achievements are included in many books of art history. He had published a great deal of treatises, monographs and artwork album. His art works were shown on many important exhibitions at home and abroad; those representative ones were collected by art museum, art organizations, collectors and art lovers from domestic and overseas.?

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